Narenare -Cheer for You!-   (2024)

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Misora Kanata is a first-year student on the Takanosaki High School cheerleading team. She won a national championship in middle school, but can’t jump after a mistake in a competition. She befriends Suzuha, Shion, Anna, Onka, and Megumi to form the PoMPoMs. Their new team goes beyond cheerleading to reach the hearts of the people they cheer on. They might just change the world!



Seasons of Narenare -Cheer for You!-

Season 1
Season 1   (Jul 07, 2024)

Episodes: 12

Air Date: 07 Jul, 2024



Drama , Comedy , Animation ,

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July 07, 2024 (JPN)

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Narenare -Cheer for You!-

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Narenare -Cheer for You!-

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