Fantastic Four   (2024)

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Science Fiction ,

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November 08, 2024 (USA)

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Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four

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Fantastic Four

ADWALL   (2022)


When pop-up ads at the public pool ruin an influencer's selfie, she tries to sneak past the paywall at an ad-free pool to get her photo for social media.

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The Plant Boy
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A botanist closes himself off from the outside world to create a medicine that will cure his sickness.

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Final Cut
Final Cut   (1970)


Unimpressed with her actors and running out of time, film director Ash turns to dark and powerful methods to get the perfect shot and finally finish her movie.

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The Black Cube
The Black Cube   (2023)


He is under the control of a secret organization. He's part of a big conspiracy.

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2076: a pen that changed history
2076: a pen that changed history   (2023)


2076: a pen that changed history is a surrealistic short film about the beginning and future of humanity, depicting the beauty of life and death characters show their differences in ideologies and prospective of the world that creates conflict that takes place throughout the duration of the film

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Macross Δ the Movie: Absolute Live!!!!!!
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Walküre and Delta Flight used music to save people from the Vár Syndrome, a previously unknown disease that made humans and others go berserk. However, they find themselves facing a new threat.

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Pandora's Box
Pandora's Box   (2023)


A short film based off of the story of Pandora's Box, but with a contemporary twist to it

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As the World Sets
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Alone on the moon, a dying astronaut faces his past regrets and lost love as the earth sets over the horizon.

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The Thundermans Return
The Thundermans Return   (2024)


Twins Phoebe and Max are enjoying their superhero lifestyle, but when one 'save' goes awry, the Thundermans are sent back to Hiddenville. While Hank and Barb enjoy their return, and Billy and Nora look forward to a normal high school life, Max and Phoebe are determined to regain their superhero status.

Release: 07 Mar, 2024